Happier To Give The Real Life Game

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The Real Life Game

What's Included:

  • 11" x 17" game board
  • Who Am I? Bible Trivia
  • How Did You do? cards
  • Doodle Board, cards, and dry erase pen for Pictionary
  • Pick A Path cards
  • Progress in Knowledge cards (3 colors for 3 different levels of knowledge)
  • Humdinger cards
  • Colorful wooden playing pieces and 1 die


Acting out Bible story scenes, Bible trivia, and little lessons learned in the "How Did You Do?" cards, while you work along a path of reaching out leading everyone to paradise, this is a game for all ages.

The theme of the game imitates the game of Life, but instead it is "The Real Life" where you grow spiritually, and choose from different paths to reach out. The goal is paradise and the game ends once everyone is there together

When you land on a star you choose from the main 3 options:

The Scene Act option: When you land on any star you have the option to choose a scene from the My Book of Bible Stories or Imitate Their Faith Books and act it out, if someone guesses it correctly in 60 secs you get a 1 space bonus.

24 Progressing in Knowledge cards: These are not just Bible trivia. Some are easy questions and answers for little ones and others are designed to teach and give heart felt answers. The game comes with a variety pack for all ages marked on the back for age differences.


26 How did you do? cards: These small cards are lots of fun, they send you forward or backwards depending on how you did, and they teach little lessons along the way.

There are: 10 Pick Your Path cards: Once you cross the bright green star along your path you get to pick who you would like to be, a bethelite, a missionary, pioneer, etc....

Also included are:

"Kingdom Melody-Humdingers" hum a melody while others guess. The "Who Am I Cards" a deck of trivia cards about Bible characters, learn details about each character while the player tries to guess who it is. The Doodle Board, for drawing and guessing.

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